Dr. Kunik works very closely with referring dentists.

To refer an orthodontic case please phone our office 512-327-8818 and we will get you the direct email for submitting cases. Thank you! We specialize in orthodontics only so your patient is always your patient.

We have 4 convient office locations for your patients to meet with us. Your patients will also be able to take advantage of our all digital treatment modalities, remote dental monitoring virtual appointment program, and our concierge services described below.

As a leader in aligner treatment, Dr. Kunik’s expertise in the field allows him to treat standard cases as well as complex cases. Dr. Randy Kunik has four offices in Austin, TX and started practicing orthodontics in 1991. He has over 20 years of aligner experience and 5000+ cases involving strategies and systems to minimize the needs for attachments.

Continuing Education Invisalign® Training

Dr. Kunik is a faculty member at University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV). As a Diamond + Provider with over 5,000 Invisalign® cases completed, Dr. Kunik lectures to graduate student dentists guiding them with his state-of-the-art aligner best practices.

Back here in Austin, Texas Dr. Kunik supports local general dentists with bi-annual seminars on introducting aligner orthodontics into their practices. As a local dentist, if you would like to learn more about how Kunik Orthodontics can help you bring best orthodontic practices to your office, please give us a call!


Invisalign® Virtual Appointments

The Concierge Approach

Dr. Kunik holds daily morning meetings and twice-monthly lunch gatherings for his staff. The goal is to make sure that they always know their role in his “concierge” system of checking patients out while they are still in the chair, which he calls “a customer service breakthrough in the dental field.

Vigorous staff training is a priority of Kunik Orthodontics. In addition to the meetings, team training happens weekly and is a critical part of the practice. You might wonder why we require so much training? According to Dr. Kunik, customers demand it, technology necessitates it, but the rigors of running a business require employees who know what they are doing at all times.