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With over 17,000 orthodontic cases completed our practice has the experience to deliver the most comfortable and timely Invisalign treatment possible.

Dedicated Treatment Coordinators.

At Kunik Orthodontics the difference is service. Our full concierge patient support and use of Teledentistry is unique in the industry.

Free early Childhood orthodontic assesment

Mother Nature often has a way of working things out. Dr. Kunik might say wait and see, give us a call and find out!

Ranked #1 Invisalign® Orthodontist in Austin, Tx

As a top 1% ranked Diamond Plus Invisalign provider, Dr. Kunik ensures you achieve a perfect smile. Every patient’s bite is unique. A customized Invisalign treatment plan is created for each patient. Kunik orthodontic solutions place patient smile goals first. Kunik treatment plan pricing is all inclusive, meaning we don’t charge extra for retainers, lost trays, or hybrid therapies. The price we agree to during the initial consultation covers the duration of your treatment.


At Kunik Orthodontics we staff our Invisalign stores with trained orthodontic professionals. We are confident that we can complete your journey to a perfect healthy smile. We are specialists focused on our patient satisfaction. We incorporate the latest technologies (including at-home Invisalign dental monitoring), at the appropriate stages of your treatment plan, to maximize patient comfort, convenience, and treatment speed.

Invisalign Top 1% Diamond Plus Provider

State-of-the-art Orthodontist Care

We use the latest techniques that dentistry has to offer to develop a treatment plan that is healthy, fast, and comfortable. Since 1999 Kunik Orthodontics has been a pioneer in aligner therapy. Every patient experiences treatment excellence from our efficient concierge scheduling to our fully customized treatment plans.

Step 1: It starts with a smile scan

There are no gross teeth molds here. A trained orthodontic medical technician quickly captures an accurate 3D image of your teeth using our iTero Optical Scanner.

Step 2: Photos and X-rays

Photos of your face from several angles as well as a panoramic x-ray completes the baseline picture for the doctor to create a treatment plan.

Step 3: Patient Interview "Live!"

This is the heart of the initial consultation. We would prefer an in-person interview but also offer a Video Virtual Consultation that doesn't replace an office visit, but can be very helpful in determining next steps. We need to zero in on what your smile goals are.

Step 4: Treatment Plan Proposal

Usually a treatment proposal is made during the consultation. The all inclusive treatment plan identifies all the internal and external next steps. Your treatment can start as soon as the aligner tooth movements are programmed into the Invisalign 3D Printer. A video simulation of your tooth movements is available during the consult to help with your decision.

Step 5: Start Treatment

Your custom aligners will be ready in 1 to 3 weeks if no other dentistry is required to prepare your smile prior to Invisalign.

Step 6: (Optional) At-home smart phone Invisalign monitoring.

Smartphone dental monitoring is an option for our adult Invisalign patients at the start of treatment. We will help you set up the app on your smartphone and then walk you through how to use your phone to take your first scan.

The smartphone dental scans take less than 2 minutes in the comfort of your home. The phone APP sends the scan data to our office where we will analyze the results. We will message you to either move on to your next aligner or stay in your current aligner depending on the doctor’s assessment of your aligner’s fit. Your smile progress is stored along with all treatment messages so you can track your results and review our feedback at any time. Instructional Video

Invisalign Smartphone Monitoring® from Home

Invisalign® Facetime Consultation

Dr. Kunik Video Message

A confident healthy smile can change your life!

Are you thinking about your teeth? I can help. You can experience an increase in health, beauty, and confidence. My secret is service excellence. My experience translates directly to your experience. Your Invisalign® results are guaranteed.

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Social Media Patient Testimonials

We love to let our work speak for itself. For patient reviews check out Yelp or visit us on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube to learn more. Some of our happiest patients are those who were told they were not Invisalign® candidates or who were unhappy with their previous dentists' attempt at treatment.

Genuine Yelp Review

Bryce R.

Dr kunik and his office are so great I would look forward to going to my appointments. Not only did he give me a perfect smile but a great experience also. Moved away in the middle of my treatments didn't matter cause he does face time appointments as well. Recommend him to anyone and everyone who's ever thought about getting braces. Most the time I left the office laughing after seeing Danielle and dr kunik. Not enough stars to put how great dr kunik and his team actually are.

Genuine Google+ Review

Julie P.

I'm a general dentist. I even provide Invisalign for more minor orthodontic correction for my patients, but I always say there is a reason there are specialists! The cool thing about being a general dentist is that we get to do a little bit of everything, but when it's a more complicated case, I happily refer my patients out to get them their best care. So when I wanted very complicated orthodontic correction (for something only a dentist would care about - my teeth were straight, I just didn't like how little of them showed in my smile) I came to Dr. Kunik! He and his staff have been outstanding. It's been great to experience this from "the other side."

Genuine Google+ Review

Trey J.

Kunik Orthodontics is the place to be. I'm not particularly fond of going to the dentist or the orthodontist and I LOVE THIS PLACE! You'll find the best customer service Austin has to offer and professionalism well beyond my expectations. SO glad I didn't go with Smile Direct and shortcut my treatment. Second time around for braces (originally had them in my junior high years) and VERY glad my smile will once again be brand new! Thank you to Dr. Kunik, Mindy, Veronica and Nina! You're the best!

Genuine Yelp Review

Jameela F.

I had braces when I was younger and noticed my teeth starting to shift, so I wanted to fix it right away. I recently moved to Austin and was in search for an invisalign provider in the area. I was lucky to find Invisalign Austin. I went in for an initial consultation and was so impressed with Dr. Kunik and his friendly staff that I started immediately after my consultation without hesitation.

Genuine City Search Review

Dee H.

Superb Orthodontic Experience – I had to look for an orthodontist because I was planning to have upper jaw surgery. I was not very enthusiastic on having to find one because lets face it; no one wants a bad experience. I went to a consultation at Dr Kunik’s office and decided I liked the atmosphere. It is relaxing, fun, easy going, friendly and they answered my questions and explained things very well. My appointments were always on time and I never had any complications or any type of confusion on what the next step on my braces would be. I am happy to say that a year and 9 months later I finally had my braces removed. Dr. Kunik and his team did a superb job on my teeth. I am very pleased that I did pick Dr Kunik’s office for my Orthodontic experience. (I also liked the cool t-shirts)