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Wedding Special

Your wedding day is that special event, one day out of your life, when you will have more pictures taken of you than ever before. Our orthodontic practice makes sure your teeth are healthy, straight, and 100% natural for your wedding day.

Wedding Checklist

  •   Set your budget

  •   Choose your wedding party

  •   Book your wedding venue

  •   Draft your guest list

  •   Select a photographer

  •   Get your teeth white and straight Online Appointment

We have helped 100’s of newlyweds remove the distraction of crooked teeth from their wedding day. By focusing on what is bothering you about your smile, we prioritize the Invisalign treatment plan to correct the most noticeable issues first. While no two solutions are the same, we can often make significant progress toward your perfect smile in as little as 8 weeks. We get your smile in shape for that big day and continue on with Invisalign after the wedding to make sure your smile lasts a lifetime.

Our wedding gift to you

We will include, at no cost, free professional strength dental whitening to use with your custom aligners for anyone in your wedding party who elects to have orthodontic treatment. For anyone else in your wedding party who just wants whiter teeth, we will custom fit a bleaching aligner / with a tube of dental whitener for a reduced price of just $100ea ($300 Value). We want you to be able to look back at those photos and see wide beautiful smiles as white as the bride's dress.