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Orthodontic care using Invisalign and Invisalign Teen as well as traditional braces for children, teens, and adults in West Austin (Texas).

Orthodontist Dr. Randy Kunik makes it easy for people wanting to achieve a healthier smile. Just schedule an appointment for a complimentary (FREE!) initial exam. Afterwards you'll have all the information you'll need to decide whether or not you want to begin developing straighter and healthier teeth.

Dr. Kunik's practice serves a large part of Central Texas. Find out what others have to say from areas outside of Southwest Austin (Texas).

Every Corrective Plan designed by Dr. Kunik draws from his unique "Best Practices" approach to orthodontics. Dr. Kunik is highly skilled in the use of Invisalign and iBraces (lingual), as well as traditional metal and ceramic braces. Dr. Kunik's steadfast dedication to using the best, most appropriate technology, to correct teeth and jaw alignment ensures that his patients experience the least amount of discomfort and the shortest corrective interval possible.

If you are considering braces for you or your child, please take advantage of our braces consultation. No hype and no sales pitch. Just a one on one professional assessment of how orthodontics could benefit you!

Dr. Kunik looks forward to helping families in West Austin who are interested in orthodontic care. Call or schedule online an appointment today.