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Alternative to Orthognathic Surgery

Dr. Kunik’s own words: “My practice is built on creating the ideal solution for your specific orthodontic needs...”  Many patients who have bite issues due to the physical positioning of their jaw are not looking to change the esthetic appearance of their face. The patient may also want to avoid dental surgery altogether.

During your Free Initial Consultation Dr. Kunik will listen to you and create an orthodontic plan tailored specifically to your needs. If you have alignment issues with your jaw, the orthodontic plan may include surgical options. These oral surgery options are just that, optional. The patient decides and has input into any phase of the orthodontic treatment.

If you’ve found this webpage you are probably faced with deciding on whether to have Jaw Surgery or not. Even if you just want a 3rd or 4th opinion you owe it to yourself to contact Dr. Kunik. He may even be able to assist you over a Teleortho link to your phone or computer. Dr. Kunik has been the #1 Invisalign provider in Central Texas since 1999 (Top 1% Nationally). He personally creates every Invisalign Treatment Plan and can utilize every other orthodontic technology available to create your customized plan. Whether you’ve only discussed orthodontics with your dentist or you’ve contacted a general orthodontist, you owe it to yourself to get the full picture from a specialist that puts your needs first.

Orthognathic Surgery

The definition of Orthognathic means “Straight Jaw”. Patients with large or small degrees of Prognathism, Micrognathia, Asymmetry, Maxillary procumbency, Maxilary midface deficiency, Apertognathia, due to traumatic injury or pathologic process would typically require oral surgery and orthodontics to correct their bite. Patients with these conditions often choose Orthognathic Jaw Surgery for the esthetic benefits that result from correcting their particular bite issue.

The best oral surgeons in Austin assist Dr. Kunik to implement the surgical portion of the orthodontic plan that he develops specifically for each patient. The Before & After treatment page includes some of these patients whose treatment plan included a surgical step.

Dr. Kunik’s patient centered practice puts the patient’s desires first. Find a Dr. Kunik review anywhere in the world and read what his patients have to say.

Corrected Bite without Surgery

Corrected Bite without Surgery