Invisalign® Orthodontist at Domain NORTHSIDE.

Our orthodontic practice removes as many barriers as possible to recieving a specialist's opinion as to how a patient should go about improving their smile. Kunik Orthodontics brings the doctors to where the patients are with our Kunik Studio Offices. We also offer FaceTime Virtual Consultations, and once in treatment, you can opt for dental monitoring from your home and skip most of the checkup office visits.

A patient's Invisalign treatment experience matters. That's why its important to be sure the prescription for any medical procedure is right for you. Kunik Orthodontics is the largest Invisalign® aligner therapy provider in the state of Texas. Our treatment plans are customized to each patient and with over 5,000 Invisalign Cases completed, we have the knowlege and the practices to ensure your Invisalign experience is comfortable, quick, and healthy.

Aligner therapy has made it possible for doctors to treat just about anyone with these invisible plastic devices. Digital scanners feed information about a patient's bite into a computer that then allows a doctor to fine tune tooth movements optimizing patient comfort and speed. Just as a patient's experience is important so is your doctor's experience.

During your first visit we can digitally scan your smile and provide you with a short video that shows how your teeth could be moved into a more optimal position. A technician will also take x-rays and photos as we build your patient profile.

All of our locations are digitally linked. We will examine the information that is collected and either meet with your in person, via video conference, or work through your assigned treatment coordinator. Our locations work together as a network and can pull together your examination records to provide you with a treatment plan before your visit is over.

Kunik Invisalign consultations are FREE! When you visit our Invisalign Studio, located at the Domain NORTHSIDE shopping center, you don't need an appointment or a doctor's referral. Our hours of operation are different at each location so be sure to check first.