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Early Childhood Orthodontic Assessment

One of the reasons we have a Free Childhood Assessment Program is to allow parents to see a specialist without worrying about the cost of an office visit.   Schedule Now

It is very important to take an x-ray by age 7 to check for missing, extra, or impacted teeth. In more than 95% of cases we prefer to continue monitoring until the child reaches their teens in middle school. The objective is to allow small issues with the child's bite to work themselves out naturally.

While we are monitoring, it’s not unusual to recommend for some baby teeth to be removed or that an upper expander be used to help with crowding or cross bites. By not starting treatment too early, we avoid causing unnecessary discomfort to your child, and by waiting your child now has the option to be treated with Invisalign removable aligners.

We use optical scans and panoramic x-rays to monitor progress

No messy impressions, all digital

Did you know that 50% of our patients in treatment are children and that nearly all of them are over the age of 13? Your child already deals with enough accelerated educational challenges, let our expertise help you minimize the impact of orthodontic treatment on their childhood. We offer 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions, so if your pediatric dentist has you thinking about your child's crooked teeth, why not give us a call? Its Free!